Breaking addiction to a person: Guide which boost your life


Breaking addiction to a person:

Some Laws-

1)Discipline your life by making daily routine- If our day is not routined then there are more chances that we can’t able to break our addiction because at that time we don’t have any target of that day. So we have to make routine on daily basis you can also use reminder, alarm etc so that you are notified about the targets.


2)Pick a short interval target-  Suddenly one day you realize that you are addicted to any particular thing. Then after you take a commitment that from today onwards I can’t do that particular stuff again but after some days our commitment breaks up and then again with a commitment this process continues to the whole life and we can’t able to break our addiction. Many time come when we feel dejected and our hope to break the addition ends up. The main reason behind it is taking long interval targets. We think that we can break our addiction at once, but these does not going to be happen. You must know that very few person can able to break the addiction at once. Mainly to break addiction we have to take short interval target of 5/7/ 10 days and we have to maintain about it in a diary or in a calendar and after completing the particular date task. You have to mark it in your own style so that you get confidence in yourself.



3)Do not overload yourself – If we are overloaded than we are undisciplined and if we are undisciplined than there are more chances that we cant break our addiction.



4) Make a commitment- God possesses omnipotent power and governs the whole universe, we have to take commitment in front of the god about your addiction.



5) Revise commitment and thoughts- Revision is the key to break addiction many people after taking commitment, able to follow his rules for a few days. But after few days that person again start the addictive activity which he is doing a few days ago this is because we cannot revise our commitment and thoughts. So we have to revise our commitment not only from our mouth but also from our heart because when we take a commitment from your heart then it affects so much in our mind.


6)Give health segment- Nowadays in this digital era, we can perform most of the task very easily. It is very good that almost everything got digitalized whether it is a digital product, marketing etc. In this luxurious life, most of us forgot to take care of our health. I definitely say that any guy who gives at least 1 hours in health have more chances to get rid of addiction than from those who do not allot any health segment in his daily life. So take care of your health and we have to allow at least one-hour doing exercises, yoga, comedy, jogging etc i.e invest some amount of time in outdoor activities, for making a good health. it’s not all about that, we just take a balanced diet and become healthy it also includes outdoor activities.



7) Discuss with your parents- Most of the people who are addicted cant able to discuss this issue with his parents even if that guy know that he is addicted as because they feel ashamed to share about his addiction with parents. If we share then our parents help us in so many aspect of a mental, physical and spiritual level to come out of addiction. I want to say that do not feel ashamed of sharing your addiction with your parents. If anybody is taking alcohol in the absence of parents and you are addicted of that, you don’t want that your parents know that you are alcoholic but you know that excessive drinking of alcohol harms your health. In that case you feel dejected sometime. what you all need to do is discuss your addiction with your parents open heartedly and they give you guidance about it. If they have not so many information about, how to break the particular addiction they will find out the ways and help you to come out from addiction.



8) Alternative option- This is not a very successful formula yet this method helps a lot to come out from addiction. What you have to do is find an alternate of your addiction and try to stick with that. Ex- if you take tobacco then try to replace with chewing gum. Your alternate must be a little bit similar to your addiction but it must be healthy if I tell that you are doing excessive Internet surfing and you try to replace with the study, yes it is excellent but we can’t able to follow it in long run. Unnecessary and unhealthy internet surfing is replaced by watching some good movies, playing an instrument, making fun and any other good thing which you like.

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