Types of addiction in a practical and easy way which we have to know

we will discuss what is an Addiction and Types of Addiction



You all know that we are living on this earth and it contains its own nature. we know that nowadays human beings are doing tasks which are extraordinary but we can’t have to forget that we are also made from the natures component.Addiction is nothing but Breaking the laws of nature in a continuous manner, anything which we do in an excessive amount and can’t have control on it is called addiction.


Types of addiction

1) Good addiction- It’s a dedication in an undisciplined Manner. Generally, good addiction is found in very few people, much time good addiction make these people successful. suppose any student is very interested in mathematics and he gave his whole life studying that particular subject but even he can’t able to take care of his health, the small happiness etc. So in that, he is doing some good task but he possesses good addiction. I just want to say that focusing on the activity which you are really passionate about is very good but must be in a disciplined manner.


2) Bad addiction- Generally this type of addiction comes in that people who do not have a clear goal, and can’t have a little bit control on his mind one thing we have to keep in mind that, we have to take constructive goals in our life. If you don’t have a clear goal then there is much chance that you got distracted by unnecessary stuff.



1) Excessive gaming-

Nowadays in this modern period youngster spend more time in gaming, I am not against playing games but keep in mind that excessive gaming damage you in lots of way like you cant able to spend quality time in your study, health, sleep or any other activities. So to come out of gaming addiction you must have to take some action in yourself:

*Make a daily routine

*Uninstall all games from your devices if not that then submit your devices to your parents and ask him to guide about gaming.


2) Drug addiction –

It’s a mental disease in this any person cannot able to control his urge to take the substances like cocaine and heroin.

To come out of drug addiction it is very important that you have good control of your mind and for that go to my article sure shot way to control your mind.


3) Gambling addiction-

In this addiction person, having a mentality of becoming very rich in a short period of time. Thinking about this, he starts gambling but when he can’t get the result, his hope makes him gambling again and again. If a person succeeded in gambling in initial stage then he thinks that he wants to be richer and this type of Thinking making him gamble again and again.


3) Love addiction-

Most of the guy fall in love with any girl but when we have good understanding between us and know the meaning of actual love then we do not love addict. But when we can’t understand the meaning of love, we have only one feeling I want that girl for me, these thoughts coming to our mind in the regular interval. After that, it’s become our base target and we start thinking about it only, then we possess love addiction. Many guys don’t understand love actually stands for, they only have an attraction of getting her this is not a true love. This is a common addiction in youth.


4) Smoking-

Smoking causes Cancer” it is written on the wrapper of cigarette yet people purchase cigarette for smoking. People know that these products are harming his health. Yet his addiction of cigarette smoking can’t able to stop her from it, so the question arises how we quit smoking. The most important thing is that we have to replace cigarette from other healthy products like chewing gum, mouth freshener etc.

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