This sure shot way definitely help you to control your mind

How to control your mind 

Nowadays, people are searching about “how to control your mind” but they itself, are not very clear that what the mind actually is, whether it is a part of our body or anything else. When I am a child at that time I think that where is my mind situated in our body. Are the mind and brain are same or different, let us understand this-

A brain is simply a part of our body that is named by us but the intellectual power of that brain through which we think, feel, judge etc is called mind. So generally people indicates brain and mind as common elements.

Now let’s move on how to control our mind-

1) Develop a proper interest to control your mind-

I have seen some people who said that I want to control my mind, but after some time he again leaves the interest, and start thinking about other stuff then after some days or month that guy again saying the same thing that he wants to control his mind. The time goes on and on, and he can’t able to control his mind because his interest is not determined.

You have to determine yourself that from now onwards you are going to take a proper interest in how to control your mind.

The main reason why we leave our target of controlling the mind, is we engage in other activities and forgot our target so for these repeat yourself daily that you have to control your mind.


Otherwise, if you know all important ways to control your mind then also you can’t able to control your mind because you forgot it totally.

2) Prepare yourself internally to control your mind-

Now you are determined about controlling the mind.

It’s time to change our internal heart for that you have to start some daily activities to boost your performance like meditation exercise etc.

Read some inspirational books and watch some videos also, this also helps you to increase your mind beauty, which acts as a catalyst to control your mind.

3) Observe your mind and try to make your mind pure-

observation is one of the important parts to control your mind.
Find out what is the region in which you can’t able to control your mind generally all these are negative or addictive. You can’t able to control your mind because you get pleasure on it, you really enjoy it but what you want is to control yourself from that activity now you have to work on the purity of your mind, so let’s understand with one example on how you can do it

suppose you really love to browse the internet by spending excessive time on watching movies, unnecessary chatting you know that, you have to spend this quality time on other activities but the addiction level is so high that you can’t able to control your mind and doing that activity again and again. Here you require making your heart pure.

Start doing analysis about your thoughts and try to find out the negative impact of the thoughts which you are thinking, for at least 10 to 15 minutes per day. You will find the changes in after 15-20 days that you got control in your mind.

Now apply all these formulae in your life and get a healthy mind all you need is continuity.

Do you feel bored by the use of word ‘continuity’? It is because in life we have to tackle different situation by using different formula but one thing is common and that is continuity so here you can able to learn those ideas about life.

Hope you like it if you have any questions sure to comment and at least share this article on one social platform.


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