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Corruption in India Essay

First of all, let me make you familiar that in today’s article I am not going to talk in definitions. We are going to discuss some of the major issues regarding corruption and understand that whether the system is corrupted or we. We all know the meaning of corruption but in short practical sentence It is violating the law and getting some benefit for an individual or an organization.

The definition does not differ from country to country

It is one of the major problems faced by India much time. It is found that people are discussing how corrupted our system is, the government is not doing anything for us. I think in spite of blaming system we have to take the initiative of changing our self. We are human being the system or people who indulge in corruption are not an object they are also a human being. We only do corruption if we have a low moral character. Some people only see the big corruption like some scam, contractor giving the bribe to get tender etc. We can’t see that small corruption which we do in our daily basis. And when we can’t observe our corrupted mind when we got the opportunity to do something for our country. Our mind also gets corrupted that there is no need, to be honest. Behave what your society is behaving.

1) Now the question is how we are corrupted.

Let me tell you not everybody is doing corruption but as because this article is fully based on corruption. We only try to make things clear. A nation can only able to use his full power when all the employee whether it is working on government or private sector gave his full efficiency in doing his task but it is found that many of us don’t give our proper Input and therefore less development occurs. We think that how I act as a barrier to the development of our country. So is it’s not only about you it’s about all the people who have a similar thinking like this. So first reason and solution to corruption are we ourself.

2) Lack of knowledge

We in India people want to become an engineer, doctor etc. We want to get settled in some top class reputable job. So here the question is if we are highly educated then how we suffer from a lack of knowledge because we don’t give enough time to understand ourselves and our society. We don’t have a practical approach to deal with the condition. But we totally agree that those people who are well educated have higher chances of getting more moral knowledge than those who are illiterate. But it doesn’t mean that illiterate people do not have moral knowledge and understanding. Illiteracy is one of the major reason why we have to face corruption so we need to educate more and more people it’s not about educating your children or future generation it’s also about by education our grandparents. But it is important that we not only provide bookish knowledge but also a good moral character to our children so that we get assured that this one guy is not corrupted.

Speed up the government processes

Our government must have to work on ground level it means to say that government launches many different types of plan for the proper development of anything in our society as well as for our country India. Let me explain with one example Now in India swachh Bharat mission is running by the government. It is doing wonderful task regarding his strategy on cleaning but what about when we are the person who is responsible to clean the city is not responding well. City municipal corporation must be updated in a proper way in respect of Technology as well as the people who are associated with Municipal Corporation. Like this, there are so many Areas where we need to speed up government processes whether it is by the government itself or by us who are in that system.

Transparency of government policies

Every year the government introduced budget and government allot money in different sectors. We are not going to comment on how much work is done right now with respect to money allotment. But one thing it must be purely transparent and this transparency comes- When we saw an interest in how much money the particular sector get and how much work is to be done right now. A proper website updating all its expenditure he has done not only in the large level or to the central government website but also to the district or city level website. This types of work are running right now but not on the large scale. It must be done on a large scale and we must have to take interest and aware yourself regarding this matter.

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corruption in india essay
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