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Indian education system 

Nowadays, it is the must requirement that we discuss on Indian education system and understands whether it is a part of motivation or demotivation, which means to say after looking at education system.

How do you feel about it whether it is good or bad.

That Indian education is not started in recent few centuries but in India education is also done from the ancient period to now.

It is our country which produces six Vedas upanishads all these are a result of good education and understanding of that time yeah time to time we are updating in our education system but it’s matter what we produces from our education system.

One thing to know is that in modern time we have different different subjects and its branches and we are totally busy on mastering our subject and that is good but the question is how many of us Masters is selected subject.

The foundation of education system is based on morality you think that what is this talking about but it’s true.

In ancient time there is not a huge list of subject mostly at that time people are doing moral learning if we have a good moral learning then only we can able to show clear dedication to student as a teacher.

No matter teacher is respected and reputable job in India but that is not only a job he is also a future maker of India.

In India there is such a high class demand of job that people think that you can once get a god but not a job this type of low class thinking is not a disease of one but of many people only want to see the benefits of job they don’t have clear dedication to add it.

In the field of teaching same things happened but we must have to respect and keep in our Father who really have a clear dedication towards students and its development.

Yes we are human beings we have to see that how we got benefited but not living the moral aside of us.

Sofia the powerful tips is developing a moral among students as well as for those teacher who do not so clear dedication towards his student overall we must have to give respect to teachers.

Scale of measurement

Is studying in a school we only do comparison with his marks if any student secure first position and he is best among all the other students no other comparison like how is that child in sports, co curricular activities, developing creative ideas, taklang condition, helping others etc.

Yes these days there are column in result where all these quality is measured in great but mostly it is related to a student marks and up to some mark it is right but not completely that things needed is that we must evaluate all these things by providing one special period for these types of activities

Making a strict law regarding this and we have to be fair to the bottom of our heart.

Vocational judgement of all these activities but on weekly basis.

In small function we not only encourage those children who have a track record of performing well but also to those children who do not perform well suppose the children can’t perform well for sometime but when we support him he got familiar of these and we develop one skill inside him which maybe he could not reveal in his lifetime as because of hesitation and suspicion.

New technology reach

Meaning of a students always think that he does not do hard work as because with little bit of study he can able to score more than average marks so, these types of students always be there he was.

It is said the more census report of something the more chances is that we retain it for more than new technology like using projector, doing in-depth technique practical increases our senses of learning.

In science there are many terms but one teacher taught us only through lecture, sometime we can’t understand the concept but through 3D pictures using projector we can now able to understand the things in more depth.

Now the question is how much this technology is implemented in school it is from little too less for besides having Technology but not using it properly.

New technology are only in private school, high profile government school but what about Village school and other small school mostly where their poor children study is in low quality school where there is no proper availability of resources.

We need to make a proper infrastructure where every school in India is connected with new technology as well as updated teacher.

In a continuous Miner we must have to work regarding updating our teacher in a ground level.

Lack of skills

It is found that the subjects we took to study and complete our graduation there are very less chances that we got job in that area where we do our graduation .

So we have to work on developing our skills so that we got success.
We have to understand and feel our subject not only learning that stuff.

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