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Top Notch fuel conservation essay: A small step can make a big change

Fuel Conservation Essay:-

Fuel conservation is one of the most important issues right now because people are not aware of conserving fuel in a proper way. In this article, we are going to present you the best way in which you can conserve fuel and also learn what are the policies of other countries regarding fuel conservation.

First of all, If you are from India let me start with the pledge which Indian government trying to taught us. I really want that all of us follow our pledge and we must go to Indian government website for taking pledge regarding fuel conservation.

Here is the pledge which I take:

 Fuel Conservation Pledge

I do hereby solemnly pledge that I shall be continuously striving to conserve petroleum products in all spheres of our activities so that supplies of these scarce resources last longer for the progress of our country. I will shoulder the responsibility of a good citizen and endeavour to create awareness among the masses to avoid wasteful use of petroleum products, so as to build a new & healthy India for our future generations by ensuring a better environment.


We have to know that fuel is a non-renewable source of energy which means that excessive consumption of it results in the end of fuel for our future generation.

Do we want to do this for our future generation?

Definitely not.

So, here we are going to present a list of ideas regarding fuel conservation:-

Many a time when we travel for a short distance we use motorcycles, bikes, cars and another fuel-conserving medium. Why not we take the journey from a bicycle. So, that we can able to conserve fuel. Keep in mind that small changes in your life, one day become a big change.

Stop car engine at a traffic signal.

Tests on a large number of cars prove that you can save as much as 6% by tuning your car regularly. If your engine emits black smoke, has poor pulling power or consumes large quantities of oil, get it checked immediately at a reputed garage. A delay may prove more expensive in terms of petrol and oil as compared to the cost of an overhaul.

Drive in the Correct GearIncorrect gear shifting can lead to as much as 20% increase in fuel consumption. Start your car in the 1st gear only, except if you are in a muddy patch or going downhill then engage the 2nd gear.

Minimise unnecessary use of Air condition.

Maintain your vehicle regularly so that it does not consume more fuel. You also have to change gear at the right speed.

We have to promote renewable source of energy like biofuel, biomass, geothermal, hydropower, solar energy, tidal, wave and wind power.

Don’t wait for your car to warm up.Instead, drive in low gear till the engine warms up. Use choke briefly only when necessary.

When you stop your vehicle, stop the engine.

Now let me show you some the most important rules of other countries regarding fuel conservation:-

United Kingdom

  1. getting top management to actively support and become involved in energy efficiency, as well as appointing energy managers;
  2. the offer of advice on most energy efficiency aspects by specialist staff located in regional offices. The staff also maintain close links with the industries’ appointed energy managers and encourage the formation of regional groups for the interchange of ideas and experiences in energy conservation efforts;
  3. energy monitoring and target setting by trade and research associations is being assisted in selected industrial sectors and the resultant pilot studies and recommendations are freely available to interested parties. Additionally, energy audit reports, resulting from detailed study of specific lead companies of a particular product line, are published as information guides;


French Government policy objectives are basically:

– the investigation into energy savings; – diversification of energy sources; – the realization of the national energy potential


– the analysis of industrial, energy and mineral policy; – coordination, planning, and administration of industrial support and development; – the offer of education and technical services to small and medium-sized companies; – the handling of questions concerning security, licensing and authorization in the energy field; – the administration of grants for energy conservation measures in industry and commerce.


When it comes to India  Petroleum conservation research Association play an important role in the field of fuel conservation. Here we are going to see some of the strategies adopted by this government association:-

  1. Drive Smart Save Fuel is a Mobile Game developed to facilitate deeper penetration of PCRA Conservation Tips & Messages and side by making you enhance your learning & driving skills. This game teaches you how to play smartly in order to save fuel while driving & scoring best as much as you can. Your driving and efficiency skills will be judged and given score based on your driving
  2. “PCRA2 – Fuel Saving Tips” android application is developed in public interest by Petroleum Conservation Research Association (Under Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Govt. of India) for educating the masses about the conservation of fuel and Energy by implementing simple tips.


Industry is also encouraged to actively undertake energy conservation measures so as to maintain their competitiveness in international markets. Financial incentives are on offer to allow for the introduction of energy saving plant and processes, as well as research and development into such fields. Small- and medium-sized companies are offered special advisory services as part of the energy conservation programme.


Tips to Follow:

  1. Create your own ideas, and make it better by implementing on those ideas.
  2. Do not just copy paste essay from here or from other places. Try to make it better. Our goal is to spread awareness, to make you think about the problem and solutions. You can always take ideas and inspiration from other places but think on it, brainstorm the ideas with friends and than creating a beautiful essay.

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