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stress management activities which we have Do (ultimate guide for you)



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We are going to learn about stress management activities. Most probably you listened to that how to manage your stress but I said you can demolish your stress, no need to manage it. We are not a manager of stress. Let’s start to get stress help 

stress management activities


Here the question arises that why people said that he wants to manage stress instead of demolishing it, The reason is clear, that he himself doesn’t know that he wants to completely demolish its stress. So change the way of speaking and this helps you to change your mindset and give little impact on it.

The first question which we have to analyze when you are feeling stressful that
Why am I feeling so stressed?

Think about it and write down it in your notebook. Now You got about why you are feeling stressed.
Observe it and you find that 50% of the stress is totally waste tension which you are taking.

While observing many people they even can’t able to remove his 50% stress, the main reason behind it is that their life is not disciplined, nor he has a positive way of thinking. Even there is someone who doesn’t want to come out of stress as because they think that the stress he is facing is the only truth but that is not a reality.

Even if you have a little bit common sense you can able to eradicate your regular stress.
Here one term comes, regular stress it means the stress which you feel in a regular basis and generally, In regular stress if you observe it deeply you can able to remove 90% of it but this is not going to happen in a stress which is particular.
Up to now we only discuss that observe your stress and remove it but the process of observing and removing your stress require element which you must have to possess so let’s get started the main funda is that
Start optimistic way of thinking

Stress comes when you have a negative approach to thinking. There are various factor told by others like your discipline your life, time management. But I think particularly for stress management the main thing is that you must have the optimistic way of thinking.

Now how you can start optimistic way of thinking, I can help you understand with one example suppose if any guy is poor and he spent his life by thinking that, I am a poor guy who can’t able to do anything in life, he feels dejected about the condition of poorness and feel stressful in his entire life.
Here comes the optimistic way of thinking, if the same guy thinks like that, what happens if I am a poor, there are many people living in this earth are disabled but still enjoying his life. Take some examples of people like that. Then what happens,  the same guy feels encouraged that he has everything, yet he is feeling stressful before. After that, he enjoys his life and comes out of stress.

This is not only in the case of poor one but from all the field you have to take positive approach otherwise your brain become your stress maker without giving payment to you.

Some miscellaneous task you can able to do:
1) Spend some quality time with your family.
2) Listen to some music and I personally love the song of Twilight movie “is it love”.


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