How to control mind and become the king of your mind

A powerful solution on How to control mind 

 Most of the people think that controlling your mind thoughts and the mind is same but that’s not true. To control your mind means that, you want to control your every aspect of mind. Like its thoughts, feelings, emotions which include hatred, apathy, and anxiety etc. But in case of Controlling mind thoughts, we only focus on the way to control your thoughts.

You may think that if we can able to control our thoughts. Then we can able to control our mind because it is our thoughts which create different types of feeling. That’s true but not 100%.
Let’s move to our topic on how to control mind thoughts. There are two approaches to controlling mind thoughts:
A) Direct approach
B) Indirect approach

Direct approach
1) Observe your thoughts for 10 to 15 minutes daily-
Most of us, don’t know that excessive and unnecessary thinking, create a habit of continuous thinking in your mind.
First of all let us understand the habit of mind-
The habit of mind- Always thinking about some aspect whether it is positive or negative. So observing your thoughts make you feel that you are trying to find out all those unnecessary thinking of Mind, which acts against the habit of mind.
So start observing your thoughts in the silent surrounding.

2) Make a list of negative thoughts
It is found that when a habit of mind i.e Senselessly thinking about any issue ,in which most of it is negative thoughts. So after observation makes a list of all those negative thoughts and take an optimistic approach to it.

3) Learn to stop unnecessary thinking
People who don’t have a disciplined and planned lifestyle they work randomly. Many times people can’t observe his thoughts from a week or month. It doesn’t mean that he can’t able to think, it only means that he thinks according to the situation randomly. This type of people has more chances of unnecessary thinking. Giving response according to the situation is good but you also have to make yourself planned.

4 Don’t be judgemental always
Many a time people start judging the two aspects of life or anything else. Doing judgment is good but not always time. you can’t able to get a good solution by judging it all time. Most of the people do one mistake that when we can’t able to judge anything properly. He goes to discuss with someone who already does not have a good understanding of it. From here the problem starts. Let’s understand with one example-
Suppose you want to buy a TV and there are two options in your mind. That is, whether to buy a TV of Panasonic or LG.
You can’t able to decide which company television to buy right now. You start doing a discussion with that type of people who do not have any technical knowledge of Television neither he had experienced television lot in his life then what happened, somebody told about Panasonic and other told about LG. Now you are totally confused.
This example is very common, but there are many crucial conditions. when you discuss with someone who does not possess good knowledge of that particular subject. This also helps to move in the drain of excessive thinking. So avoid it, discuss the issue with someone who has a good understanding of your problems.
Most of all if you are not satisfied by others opinion, do that stuff which you feel is good and the things which you are really passionate about. You can also take help of internet.

5) Do not create negative thoughts
This is the problem faced by many of the people. Whenever his mind is full of negativity. He starts creating more negative thoughts. One thing that is interesting that all these negative thoughts are baseless. So avoid creating negative thoughts, and mind it that, you always have to take optimistic approach instead of taking Pessimistic approach.

*Indirect approach act as a catalyst*
1) Meditate daily- you can 
 2)  Do exercise, keep yourself busy
 3) Spent time reading books, Do not lie with yourself. works on facts.
 So, first of all, you have to start focusing on direct approaches from now and to boost yourself for a long time, you also have to consider this indirect approaches.
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