How to motivate yourself to study: Top 10 researched and effective ways

How to motivate yourself to study: Top 10 researched and effective ways)

1) Spend quality time on reading inspirational books

We make our life so busy, that we can’t even give some quality time reading inspirational books. We think that it is the waste of time. Don’t think that reading the inspirational book is a waste of time. The main benefit of the reading book is that it develops our brain to do better. It helps us to find an effective way of analyzing any stuff. I have seen many people who only read those inspirational books. But can’t have a little bit of interest in applying that too in real life. The reason behind it is:- ➤They found the book is not practical to follow ➤They don’t have respect for the author of the book. ➤That doesn’t try to understand the real meaning of the book.

2)  Celebrate small success also In our life,

we found that whenever we get a huge success, then we start celebrating it. But what about the celebration of small success in life. We don’t give enough values to those small successes. So from now onwards, we are going to celebrate those small successes. Keep in mind that big success comes occasionally, But the small success occurs in our day to day life. All we need is to find those small successes. Let me explain you with one example. Suppose you planned a journey with your family and after completing your journey. you don’t find anything successful according to your point of view, but that’s not the truth. The truth is you completed your task whatever you planned. And now it’s time to have a small success celebration within a home, friends etc. So, try to find those small successes and from here you will get a good lesson on how to become motivated.

3) Shake your body in the ground

When we are a small child then we don’t have any deterioration. Remind yourself when you are a small child. And you go to the playground or even in a home you start shaking your body. But now you don’t do this as because you feel ashamed of doing this type of action in life. One day when I am in the playground I saw one people whose age is about 50. He is moving his body. I think he is dancing in his own style as well as singing some old songs. He looks so much happy. I decided to go in front of that people and have some talk as because of open-minded nature of him. So don’t hesitate to shake your body and have some dance. But while dancing you also have to inform me. I also love to dance with you all.

4) Avoid being rude to yourself

Don’t be rude to yourself, in spite of these analyze yourself.Many a time people, when can’t able to succeed. He becomes rude to himself that he can’t able to achieve his goal. This low-level thinking helps him to move into the gutter of failure. We can’t able to succeed if we do not have a positive attitude toward, what we want to achieve. But the most important factor that affects positive attitude is feeling dejected. If you found yourself guilty on any matter. Then you have to regret in a positive way not by behaving rudely with yourself.

5) Always take suggestion with positive people

Whenever you want to take a suggestion from negative attitude people. They can only do two things:- ➤ start to explore you all the negative impact of it. ➤If they don’t know anything about it. Then he starts to waste your time by speaking useless and unnecessary topics. So your first task is to find those positive people in your life. So that he can help you solve your issues. If they do not have enough knowledge about the topic you are asking, He suggests you some other resources. This is the quality of positive attitude people. I have this approach in my life.

6)  Remind your past victory of life

Let me start with one of my quotes “Whenever we analyze ourself we find either we are in past or in future, not in present” The motive behind writing this quotes is that we don’t have to always spend time in past and future. We have to live in present. Then why I am saying to remind your past victory. As because it gives us, lots of positive energy to do well in present and in future also. It doesn’t mean that you always enjoy your past victories and leave the present moment. I actually mean to say that whenever you found yourself dejected. Try to make yourself motivated by reminding past victories of your life.

7) Eliminate your distractions

Eliminating distraction doesn’t help you directly in motivating yourself. But it is deeply attached in an indirect way. When we reduce our distraction, we can able to give more focused attention to our tasks. These help us to Boost Your mindset. That means we automatically find our self-motivated to do anything in our life.

8)  Track your life condition in regular interval

Some people believe in spending their life in flow. They don’t want to take target, goals in life as because he thinks that that lie is very small. One thing good among those types of people is their life flow. But because they are not tracking the progress of their life. They don’t feel satisfied while doing internal observation. You only feel motivated, when you are satisfied with yourself. Life flow is important but tracking progress/failure and finding the path to improve it. Help you to be motivated in your life.

9) Make a plan of your life

Planning your life is important. I don’t want to discuss it thoroughly because this is repeating in some of my articles. But this is an important point of it. I don’t want to bore my readers.

10) Have some massage

Now you have a question that:-  How massage help us to be motivated? The answer is just like bath we feel fresh and motivated. Same as in the case of massage. When you do massage your body. You feel relaxed and found that you got a power to fight with your deterioration and be a winner. I think if you all have noticed it. How effective to do a massage in your head, whenever we have a headache.So at least do massage twice in a week. This method surely helps you to motivate yourself. So now This Is the End of the topic how to become motivated. I think this article definitely help you to be motivated in your life. If you love this article, then at least share on one social media platform. let me know some of your ideas and opinions by doing comment below:- You can read our articles :
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