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How to Stop Being anxious in life and makes your mood tension free

Now a day in this technology era where we have everything in order to get a luxurious life but still we face anxiety in our life. The question arises is that after having every resource in our house and our surroundings why this is an anxious problem in our life. So let’s get started and we are going to discuss some of the most important problems of why we feel anxious in life and how to deal with this. I want to talk about the anxious problem with one example that is a computer.

Do you know why computer comes into the existence? This is because through a computer we can make our life simple and easy. Yes, it makes our life simple we can able to send a message in just a second. We can also able to do live chat etc.

But are we really happy, I think not we are not really happy. The more the technology grows up the more different types of a problem comes into existence. We can’t able to stop the growth of Technology and it is not good that we do not give time into the development of Technology as because it is a part of our life but we must have to learn about how to deal with this technology in life so that we can also able to enjoy the life of hours by spending time with family or watching movies etc.

Deep breath

whenever you feel anxious to get solution of that you must have to take deep breath, what this does is that it removes the negative air in your body and fill it with positive air.

Divert your Thoughts

Most of the time we feel anxious as because we have certain problem in our life and we are continuously thinking about it. If you feel weak from your heart. Whenever you are going deep into your problem and not in the mood of analysing the stuff you must have to divert your thoughts either by visiting park or going to your friends home etc. It Helps you to lose your anxiety for temporary level after that you must have to keep one thing in your mind that you are going to list down all your problems and trying to figure out how you can able to fix the issues.

Accept your anxiety

More than 50 percent of the people are anxious in life but they can’t able to know that they are facing from a problem called anxiety. Accept that you are anxious about something in your life. Acceptance can make you clear that you are facing a problem and for that you need a solution.

Meditate daily

No doubt meditation is very powerful when it comes to removing your anxiety of life. People suggest different types of meditation but what the sole purpose of meditation is that you have to remove all your thinking and listen to the voice of the outside world. I personally used to do meditation in my life. Generally I do it in  the park where I sit and close my eyes just listening about the sound of the outside world like creeping of birds,  movement of trees etc. Many people face one issue that they tried to get rid of his thought of past but they can’t because of mind. For that meditation is the best exercise which can helps you to remove your thoughts and only listen to your inner voice.

Visit Nature rich places

People listen to one thing that nature is the healing of all disease. I don’t know why people can’t visit nature rich places as because this can make your mood fresh and gives you a good start for your work. Nobody can able to read or learn anything for a continuous Manner like hours or days. Our brain needs rest in order to work properly. That’s why when you study there is a law called Pomodoro technique in which you study for 50 minutes and then you take a break of 10 minutes in order to make your mind fresher and focus on your activity.

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