How to control your emotions here is the complete solution of It


The feeling of people is called emotion. Emotions may be positive or negative. 

Now you think that we only have to control our negative emotions but that’s not the truth. we also have to control our positive emotions.

Before starting, How to control your emotions. let us take some examples of positive and negative emotions.

Positive emotions- happiness, surprise, hope, inspiration, interest etc.

Negative emotions- anger, apathy, anxiety, contempt, disgust, evy, frustration, hatred, horror etc.

To understand how to control emotions we have to follow two broad approaches-
1) Long run approach- To control our emotions in long run

2) Instant approach- Whenever you feel any type of emotions, whether it is positive or negative. You have to respond to it instantly.

So now the first thing which you have to find. Which type of emotions do you have?

If you have a negative emotion than you have to follow this steps-


Step 1-  you have to analyze what causes you to have a negative emotion. Many a time in our life we senselessly started thinking about something negative. Now the fever of negative emotions starts.

Step 2-  After analyzing the reason behind your negative emotion whether it is up anger, anxiety, frustration etc

Here you have to do some instant approach. So that you can able to do quality thinking about your emotions. Now start taking a deep breath for at least 3 to 5 minutes.

This work as a catalyst for removing your emotions.

Understand that all this instant approach is only for short period of time. In the long run, you have completely remove your negative emotions.

This idea is also good that you have to shift your focus to other activities also change your thoughts etc. We will discuss it further, in deep. But now we have to learn that how to minimize the emotional thinking. and be neutral with a tendency to taking a positive approach.

Let’s understand the tendency of thoughts-

A) We cannot able to remove our emotions if we think about that emotional thoughts again and again.

B) If you think that from now I am not going to think about this emotional activity again, so for your kind information, it is also one type of thinking about your emotions.

Thinking causes problem,
Not thinking causes problem
So where is the solution

Here come some approaches-
1) Find your passion–  If you really passionate about singing, dancing, watching movies then spend time on this.

2) Link your aim with passion- If we love to watch movies, playing an instrument or any other activities if somehow you can make it as your target or goals to achieve on it then that is awesome.

I don’t know others opinion but according to me linking your aim with your passion is really help you to come out of negative as well as positive emotions

3) Shift your focus to other activities– This thought comes much time whenever it is said to control your emotions. I agree to it but one thing to note that if we try to focus another activity which we are not really passionate. Then nothing good happens, so I say shift your focus on other passionate activity.

4) Keep yourself busy– Initially, I can’t able to understand why people say to keep yourself busy properly, but now I understand what is the actual meaning of it.
It doesn’t mean to make a quality working busy schedule. It only means of keeping yourself busy by doing your work like playing music, watching movies, good bath, making some delicious food etc

Oh ho, keep in mind that you also have to serve that delicious food to me also.

Doing all these activities will not completely eradicate the emotions from your mind. It replaces your emotions with other activities and after some days those negative emotions will become valueless thoughts for you and you start laughing at yourself that What worst I’m thinking about it.

Positive emotions
Positive emotions like happiness, inspiration, Joy etc is good only at a certain state. Means this emotion also must be balanced. If we can’t make balance positive emotions then it also harm us-

Lets I help you to understand with one example-

When any average student become topper of his class, then suddenly his performance goes down after becoming topper, the main reason behind it is over happiness and excitement due to which he neglects that nobody can able to defeat him but the result is different. The same happens in case of hope, love, inspiration etc

If you observe it deeply you can also find it.

It is good that you have positive emotions, I am not telling to remove your positive emotions, just telling to make it balanced.

Here I talk about emotions in a practical way which you can use to make your life better.

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