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I hate my life: How to tackle this situation and come out from this



I hate my life

It is we who make our life easy or hard.  Many time when we are not organized in our life then we have to face the issue of feeling difficulties in every step of life.

This can end in a result that you start hating your life. Now you have the questions that I hate my life what to do the next in order to get on the right track.

One thing I personally believe that if you have one optimistic character and you follow it in a detailed and deep Manner then you can definitely get good results and the chances are that you do not feel negative in life.

Suppose you have a quality that you only think of positive aspects of life.
What happened if you have this quality than now you cannot have to face it an issue regarding anxiety because you always try to find positivity in anything.

This means that the approach which we are going to provide in this tutorial is about how to get rid of hating yourself.

Change the environment

Many time we hate our life as because of our environment.
Your surroundings impact your life.
I read this philosophy that is if you are right it then everything is right I personally do not believe on this philosophy as because if it is very much important that we understand the impact of our surrounding in life.

People generally feel that his neighborhood does not going to impact his life in a much more effective way. Yes, it is true when you have a full dedication towards your goal.

Changing your Environment means to say that if possible you just try not doing friendship with the wrong type of people or maybe you have to make your environment nature-friendly by doing some gardening, beautiful decoration,  posting beautiful pictures as well as inspirational pictures etc on walls.

Moving forward

What is the big difference between successful people and unsuccessful people? It is that successful people move forward in life and they do not think about what bad happens in his life while unsuccessful people start thinking about it in a continuous Manner without thinking about his future.

In life, we face difficulties it doesn’t mean that we only think about our difficulties and make a sad environment in our mind.

I remember one incident about this, which I want to share with you.
Every day I go to small walking in a park Where I generally used to meet one boy who is sitting there in a sad mood for some days and I can’t really able to find out what is his problem because he’s looking said all the time.
One day I  decided to ask the question about why he is looking sad all the time.

As per I thought I ask the questions to that guy about it.
He said that he can’t able to get good marks in his intermediate examinations and therefore he can’t able to get good colleges which he was really want to get.

Yes, this is an issue that you can’t able to secure good marks in the examination but it doesn’t mean that it is the end of your life you must have to go forward then think about what you can really able to read it and get good in life.

The same rule applies to you there are many types of problems or issues which is faced in the past and wasting your time in the present. Don’t do this just analyze your past and try to get the best output for your future.

Find meaning in life

Many people do not find life meaningful there are various reason behind this type of Thinking in some people. Maybe he does not show interest towards his life and only working on life without planning his life or does not take life seriously etc.

Now the question arises how we can able to really find the meaning in life.

First of all, make your life structured and you can only able to structure your life by planning your life focusing on your passion and thinking about your goals in a disciplined manner.

You set up your goals towards your passion or anything else as per your needs and requirements. Now the question is how you can able to make your life more meaningful, It is by establishing continuity in your task.

Continuity is the key to success in life if you do not have the continuity towards anything you can’t able to secure success in any field.

Therefore set up goals and work for it makes your life meaningful.

Feel happiness in a small thing

Most of us celebrate big success in our life but did not give value to a small success in our life as because we think that it is not that much important. I think it is not completely true, if you start finding happiness in small things your life will become full of colors and brighteness.

Discuss with your parents

I don’t know why people do not discuss their problem with his parents as because they don’t think that they are the right one to discuss his issue of life.

Start discussing life problem with your parents, share your thoughts about why you hate your life. He can definitely help you to find inspiration in life. If not then at least discuss your life issue with your close buddy.

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The Best Selected Discipline Quotes to improve yourself



Discipline Quotes

If you want to be disciplined you must have to leave laziness in your life.

The biggest obstacle of disciplined life is an addiction. Most of the people have some addiction which generally during his life and obstructs him to become a disciplined personality. We should try to come out of your addiction first

Many people called time management is life management. I totally agree with this because if you learn life management then your time is also going to be managed.

It is hard to manage 24 hours a day but you can manage 15 to 16 hours a day and that is enough to become a successful and disciplined today.

Your behavior is visible to all the other people therefore, always try to be generous, disciplined and structured.

Procrastination is the root cause of an undisciplined life. Just throw out Procrastination from your life.

I think what you eat also impact your personality because if you eat so much junk food most probably you are not disciplined.

Your passion moves you forward towards your goal.

Try to master your thoughts process and you will find yourself disciplined.

If you can able to control or at least discipline your desire then it is the backbone of your character.

If you really want to make your dream comes true, you need lots of determination, dedication and hard work to achieve it.

The biggest secret of discipline is the inspiration, because if you are inspired then discipline also follows your path.

Discipline helps you to find the difference between your needs and Desire.

If you really want to become disciplined, spend at least one hour in introspection period.

Try to share your biggest obstacle of disciplined life to someone who you feel close enough like your parents, Guardian or beloved one.

If you think positive and good in every situation, you can easily achieve the discipline of life.

Respecting others is good, but if you really want to be self-discipline try to respect yourself, self-respect is the Main root of the disciplined life.

Do good and thank you for giving beautiful life and opportunity to see the world. If you pray to God daily you will always be feeling encouraged and inspired which leads to a successful and happy life.

Try to master your thought process. I think mastering you thought is the same called mastering your mind mind.

Don’t feel ashamed when you are dishonoured try to be in discipline.

If you are confused you are not disciplined because disciplined people are not confused.

Always leave happy and awards yourself with the small happiness of life, that’s really going to make you disciplined and humble.

When your success is declining try to figure out what is causing the issue by doing introspection of yours.

People Can easily able to discriminate between rich and poor. we also have to understand the difference between a knowledgeable and a non-knowledgeable people.

Somebody says that life is not easy. I say if you are disciplined then life is easy and good for you.

Everybody has a desire to achieve the goals in his life but how many can actually give a good effort towards it that really matters. You want to fulfill your desire and dream you have to understand between your goals and Desire.

A good reputation is built with a good discipline. If you are not disciplined you are not going to get reputation in life.

95% Percent of people are even while very few people are odd.

If you are addicted to alcohol the only solution is to be a disciplined person. We can able to achieve discipline by doing regular analysis of our work.

Always know each other before doing marriage because it’s you don’t understand each other you can’t able to meet each others Expectations.

Most of the people’s lazy personality is shown in his face.  If you don’t want to be in one of them you always have to keep freshness not only in your face but also in your heart.

It is not Necessary that energetic people are disciplined but the disciplined people are energetic, that’s completely true..

If you are narrow-minded then you are not going to be disciplined always think on a broader perspective that’s going to give you the result and good life.

I don’t know about hypnotism but I think that indisciplined people hypnotism does not work or maybe work at late.

I am curious to be disciplined but I am not prepared to be disciplined. Therefore preparation is more important than curiosity.

Discipline quotes

If you read the life history of successful people. you will find that they are mostly they are disciplined because without order nothing is achievable.

Do not ever abuse in any situation because if you abuse you are not disciplined.

Smart work shows your brain smartness, not your discipline.  So don’t think that if you are smart you are disciplined.

It is very hard to find people who match your expectations but if you find such people I highly recommend you to just be with him or her.

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Cute life quotes to help and inspire you to do better in life



cute life quotes

If you yourself give up in your life then how you can expect from others that he can able to revive.

First Come out of the bad environment and than start doing the work which you want to do in your life.

If you always motivate yourself for the sake of money to do something, maybe someday come when you not feel encouraged to do your task.  Therefore try to find the main region and interest behind what you want to do in your life.

There is no shortcut of success if you want to enjoy the test of success you have to do the hard work till you can’t able to reach your goal.

Don’t feel bad when you are dishonored because dishonor teaches you a lesson that you have to stand up and do your performance again and again.

There are people who are always trying to degrade you but the main mentality behind this type of people is that they don’t try to see you in the rising position.  All you need to do is just focus and focus on yourself not others.

It is not always a good practice that you think from a conceited perspective, try to think from others perspective as well as social perspective because when you change your perspective you got a new idea and concept for the betterment of your life.

When you want to reach your goals and you make a step-by-step approach of it it is very important that you summarise your goal and take a deep look on weekly basis so that you got a better idea of what to do and how to approach towards our goals.

Never quit in your life just push yourself and move forward to do better.

People Say that there is a time comes when you retire from our work.  I don’t think so because retirement comes to those people who don’t have that much of interest towards his work.

Stop criticizing and start complementing to those small chunks of happiness which you see in your life.

Speak less, precise and to the point in order to deliver your thoughts.

No matter if you surrender yourself from others point of view but do not surrender yourself from yourself because when you surrender yourself from inside you are definitely going to lose the game.

Always congratulate yourself on small happiness of life that is definitely going to act as a catalyst  to reach the bigger goals.

Life has an expiration date but your dream doesn’t.

Never hate yourself try to do friendship with yourself because when you start hating yourself you are not going to establish control in your brain and mind.

Determined yourself not only from your brain but also from your mind and Soul so that you can able to give maximum performance in your life.

If anyone ask me what are the main reason to become determined towards our goal then I say that it is our hard work and passion of doing any stuff.

Do not hate yourself love yourself and you will enjoy life long.

Yoga Boost Your immunity while meditation boost the performance.

You have to be very careful while selecting goals because it is going to decide your future.

People living in desert can’t able to sustain in cold places while the people who are living in cold places can’t able to live their life on desert places similarly you can’t able to sustain if you keep changing your goals in a very different sector again and again.

Do Not show sympathy to disabled people try to treat them with respect because they need respect more than sympathy.

Most of us listen to the news that there is a treaty between two countries similarly we also have to do treaty with our brain and soul in order to give maximum in our life.

If you want to live a  tension free life then you have to start pardoning others.

If you’re thinking that you can able to complete the task within few minutes then you must have to do the task immediately, do not postpone it.

Tough time comes but you have to stick towards your goal and move forward.  

If you want to enjoy the test of happiness and then you also have to feel the pain of toughness of life.

Mostly you are going to become a manager or professional.  If you want to become a manager then you have to learn every things regarding your sector in a decent  but if you want to become a professional then you have to make yourself so much good in your subject so that you can able to do your own research regarding that.

If you are not doing an introspection of your life then you are doing big mistake. Start doing regular introspection of life and you are going to see big change in your life.

Tea is bad for health Procrastination is bad for performance.

If you start confessing your mistake and trying to not do that then you are going to see big change but if you do not acknowledge your mistake and keep repeating your mistake then you will keep yourself unsuccessful in the same position till your life ends.

Continuity is the key to success in life if you are not continuous in any of your field then definetly your performance is going to decline whether how much professional or good or talented you are in that sector.

A healthy family has a good understanding of each other. If in your family, you do not have a good understanding with each other then most of the family members are not going to live a happy life because they are deteriorated from inside.  So from now start developing a good relation and understanding between each other.

Cute life quotes

Do not make yourself so rigid that other stop talking with others happily.  Rigid personality show your stubborn and ego behaviour.

Do not stop your children from exploring the world because if you stop them from exploring their thinking become conceited let them go out of their house and explore the world so that he also get an idea of how to accommodate in the real situations and life.

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Essay on Narendra Modi: Life, Biography, Speech, Inspiration (For All)



Essay on Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi is one of the finest Prime Minister of India. He was elected as a prime minister on May 2014.

Before Moving forward and starting to talk about how Narendra Modi became a successful politician, let’s explore some of his schemes and campaign  which makes him the most remarkable Prime Minister of India.

He is the  Man behind demonetisation of 500 and 1000 rupees currency notes which help in eradicating corruption and black money.  Let’s try to understand how this demonetisation helps in eradicating black money and corruption.

Black money are owned by illegal activities without following government rules and regulation and investing in the market in order to dilute the value of money. The  Action of Prime Minister Modi shows that how his government is strict towards corruption.

Essay on Narendra Modi

In his tenure as of a prime minister he was so much successful that the corruption rate of India has decreased in a huge amount that shows the power and capacity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Now let’s try to understand about his family and how he is become the successful person on this planet.
His full name is Narendra damodardas Modi and was born in the middle class Gujarati family in Vadnagar.  From his childhood he was very disciplined and hardworking towards his life and goals.

His father name was Damodar mulchand Modi while his mother name was heeraben Modi.

He was engaged with Jashodaben chimanlal when he was just 17 year olds but he remained Bachelor in his whole life.

He helped his father on the tea stall in Vadnagar Railway Station and from that he get the membership of RSS at the age of 8.

From RSS he comes into the connection of BJP and their has started his journey as a BJP  worker. Just like we can able to observe any child and say that he can able to become a successful person in future similarly with Narendra Modi the leadership personality in his character is shown at the early stage of his BJP career.  That’s factor that help him to become the chief minister of Gujarat.

His Work and dedication towards his Nation makes him the prime minister of India on 2014.  As of the Prime Minister he launched many successful scheme and campaign like Pradhan Mantri jan-dhan Yojana, digital India campaign, swachh Bharat Abhiyan etc.

Now let’s try to understand the vision of Prime Minister Modi behind various schemes but first of all let’s understand what is digital India and how digital India is going to affect the every citizens living in this country.

We all know that the every country is moving toward digitalization. The main fundamental of digital India campaign is that to boost governance and service on demand, digital infrastructure as a utility to every citizen and digital empowerment of citizens.

Govt also introuduce a program of “Making India’ in September 2014 which cement are used to create 100 smart cities total in India.

In June 2015 Modi launched a housing for all scheme by 2022 which means that the person who is living in slum area or they do not afford to build their own house from the government scheme they are going to get in their own house by 2022.

Whenever any people age exceeds After 60 most of them can’t afford to work hard and earn money so that’s why government launches Atal pension scheme for non corporate sector so that he can also able to live an independent life. it was launched in 9th May 2015 in which the government guaranteed pension of rupees 1000 to rupees 5000 per month.

He was declared as the Person of the year by TImes Magazine in the year of 2014 as well as in 2016. Recently Modi Launches PM Kisan Scheme which is going to benefit 12 crore farmers in near future.

In total government launches so many schemes and campaign so that our India become a best country in the entire world government is very clean and crystal clear about his approach of development that’s why the India is rising at a fast Pace.

You can read more about Narendra Modi on Wikipedia
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