I hate my life

I hate my life: How to tackle this situation and come out from this

It is we who make our life easy or hard.  Many time when we are not organized in our life then we have to face the issue of feeling difficulties in every step of life.

This can end in a result that you start hating your life. Now you have the questions that I hate my life what to do the next in order to get on the right track.

One thing I personally believe that if you have one optimistic character and you follow it in a detailed and deep Manner then you can definitely get good results and the chances are that you do not feel negative in life.

Suppose you have a quality that you only think of positive aspects of life.
What happened if you have this quality than now you cannot have to face it an issue regarding anxiety because you always try to find positivity in anything.

This means that the approach which we are going to provide in this tutorial is about how to get rid of hating yourself.


Change the environment

Many time we hate our life as because of our environment.
Your surroundings impact your life.
I read this philosophy that is if you are right it then everything is right I personally do not believe on this philosophy as because if it is very much important that we understand the impact of our surrounding in life.

People generally feel that his neighborhood does not going to impact his life in a much more effective way. Yes, it is true when you have a full dedication towards your goal.

Changing your Environment means to say that if possible you just try not doing friendship with the wrong type of people or maybe you have to make your environment nature-friendly by doing some gardening, beautiful decoration,  posting beautiful pictures as well as inspirational pictures etc on walls.

Moving forward

What is the big difference between successful people and unsuccessful people? It is that successful people move forward in life and they do not think about what bad happens in his life while unsuccessful people start thinking about it in a continuous Manner without thinking about his future.

In life, we face difficulties it doesn’t mean that we only think about our difficulties and make a sad environment in our mind.

I remember one incident about this, which I want to share with you.
Every day I go to small walking in a park Where I generally used to meet one boy who is sitting there in a sad mood for some days and I can’t really able to find out what is his problem because he’s looking said all the time.
One day I  decided to ask the question about why he is looking sad all the time.

As per I thought I ask the questions to that guy about it.
He said that he can’t able to get good marks in his intermediate examinations and therefore he can’t able to get good colleges which he was really want to get.

Yes, this is an issue that you can’t able to secure good marks in the examination but it doesn’t mean that it is the end of your life you must have to go forward then think about what you can really able to read it and get good in life.


The same rule applies to you there are many types of problems or issues which is faced in the past and wasting your time in the present. Don’t do this just analyze your past and try to get the best output for your future.

Find meaning in life

Many people do not find life meaningful there are various reason behind this type of Thinking in some people. Maybe he does not show interest towards his life and only working on life without planning his life or does not take life seriously etc.

Now the question arises how we can able to really find the meaning in life.

First of all, make your life structured and you can only able to structure your life by planning your life focusing on your passion and thinking about your goals in a disciplined manner.

You set up your goals towards your passion or anything else as per your needs and requirements. Now the question is how you can able to make your life more meaningful, It is by establishing continuity in your task.

Continuity is the key to success in life if you do not have the continuity towards anything you can’t able to secure success in any field.

Therefore set up goals and work for it makes your life meaningful.



Feel happiness in a small thing

Most of us celebrate big success in our life but did not give value to a small success in our life as because we think that it is not that much important. I think it is not completely true, if you start finding happiness in small things your life will become full of colors and brighteness.

Discuss with your parents

I don’t know why people do not discuss their problem with his parents as because they don’t think that they are the right one to discuss his issue of life.

Start discussing life problem with your parents, share your thoughts about why you hate your life. He can definitely help you to find inspiration in life. If not then at least discuss your life issue with your close buddy.

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