Nature Essay so that you got motivation to preserve our nature(Article)

Introduction to Nature Essay

Nature is very important for us in many aspects of our life. We all are part of nature. We have to treat nature as our friend and have to do friendship with it.

When it comes to practical life nowadays people are mostly engaged in technology and other activities. They enjoyed the virtual nature through his smartphone, tablet etc. This does not help us to make aware regarding nature, to really understand what nature is all about, we have to give some time for experiencing the real beauty of nature.

Importance of nature

We human beings are a part of living things like all others we must have to understand that this nature which includes everything in our ecosystem like forest, Lake, river, mountain etc are not only ours, it is also of those living beings who are living in this planet earth.

In other words, we can say that Nature is all those things which are not created artificial artificially by us.

How human beings are the most intelligent among all other living beings but we humans are damaging our nature in so many aspects like deforestation, pollution, excessive use of non-renewable sources of energy etc.

I think just like a book, nature is also our real friend. The main component of nature is our forest, atmosphere, other living beings etc. These are primary things which we have to focus when it comes to conserving nature.

Forest is one of the most valuable assets on this planet earth as because it is our forest which helps us to overcome the very large amount of requirement by us like wood, medicine, paper etc.

Indirectly there are so many benefit of forest like fresh air, human being friendly environment. It is said that human being only able to survive long If he take care of other animals but due to so much bad interference in nature increases the rate of extinct species.

It is because of our such interference many species already disappeared and some are very less in amount.

But in the ground level, we are not understanding the importance of forest and cutting down the trees for our unnecessary requirement. We must have to keep in mind that when we cut one tree, we must have to plant at least 4 trees to maintain a balance in life system.

We all know that in our solar system only the planet earth is suitable to survive, others are not. The main reason of this is its nature and climate. It is our nature which gives us oxygen to survive.

Natures plant take the carbon dioxide which be human being release, so it is our responsibility to take care of our nature and make it more beautiful.

It is said that nature is a cure for all disease. In ancient time people use to do treatment with the help of different parts of plants, they know the importance and values of the plant in every aspects of his life.

Many a time when we come in pressure on depression, we can’t find any idea about what to do next, at that time nature is our best friend and cure. By visiting nature rich places, it helps to come out of depression. Even in some time it acts as a catalyst for curing our disease.


→Aware yourself

Now a day in this era, people are always trying to show himself as a busy man. We have no time beyond our work. We only think about our work which we do in office.

Even people are so busy that they can’t afford time to do introspection about himself.

If we are so busy then how we can get time to work for self-awareness and development of himself.

First of all understand the importance of nature in life spend some time in some park, Lake etc. This can not only help you to develop yourself but also give you time to think about it.


Pollution is one of the main problem arising day by day in many countries. Most of the developed countries consistently work on controlling pollution and therefore get a very good result. Our nature also include our atmosphere and because of consistently emitting poisonous gas from factories, Industries we are increasing air pollution.

After the invention of loudspeaker, we regularly perform noise pollution.

We are not aware we don’t want to work for our country we only want to get a job in any company or government sector but don’t show a little bit of interest towards nature. This is not a right approach being as a Human.

→Government must work on the ground level

Government Run clean India campaign and to be honest that in the ground level most of the people are not even aware to come in the revolution of making our country clean. It helps our nature in various aspects.

The government constantly organize programs and campaigns to encourage people to come close to nature by organizing a regular campaign in each City/district.

Government is doing so many things for encouraging cleanliness either by providing a prize, doing Campaign, giving responsibility about this in district level. Afll things are happening but very few people knew about it or people don’t show interest regarding this.

→Make your knowledge practicals

When we study in a school, almost everything is taught about how to preserve our nature, pollution etc.

But we only want to learn those things and get good marks in spite of this try to apply what you learn. This not only increases consciousness of your brain but also help you to understand different aspects about it.

Harmless to nature

Nowadays people are so much conceited that they only think about himself. This type of conceited Thinking not only harm human relationship but also with nature relationship. We only see the temporary benefit of ours. We don’t want tsee/knowow what may happens in near future.


So in order to preserve our nature, we must have to consistently work on it. We have to understand the importance of nature then only we can able to bring consciousness in our self. Nature gives a lot more thing then we give us to them. So try to implement your knowledge in practical so that you become one of a good citizen of your country.

we also have to remove our conceited thinking and connect with our nature in order to get fruitful result.


This article is written in the form of making people aware, so you try to make this article convenient as of your requirements.

Don’t just copy paste this article, try to understand the value of this article and then write because your given you to write about this topic only for Marks purpose but also that you understand the importance of nature.

This article is a motivation for you so that you can able to preserve our real asset nature and makes your life beautiful. We always don’t need direct motivation to come out of our anxiety, stress etc. But also indirect motivation like trees, nature etc help us to come out of our problem.

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