what is fear

what is fear and how to overcome fear from mind ( Top notch 5 ways)

First of all, let us understand what is fear and how to overcome it. It is a feeling which is observed by the mind when we feel annoyed and uneasy.

Fear is of two type 1) Actual 2) Baseless Now move to our topic, how to remove fear from mind and heart for this, we have some tips which really going to help you a lot: I also explain you with practical examples. All the point here in this article or not just formal writing it is the practical experience of my life because I am a guy who is in the past is very much fearful of most of the issues like an interview, speech, other persons and many more. So let’s get started- Tip 1:

Control your Imagination

Whatever the fear is whether it is actual or baseless, stop making imagination of it. Whenever any situation comes, what we do is, we start approaching negative imagination. This gives birth to fear. Don’t do it. Always imagine in good aspect. So do not create baseless fear. Let us understand with one example- Suppose one day you watch very horrible ghost movie and you got feared and then after watching a movie you start thinking about baseless movie facts, and try to connect in real life after doing this, you create yourself a bunch of fear within yourself. This is called baseless fear. So try to find out those baseless fear in your life and promise yourself that you are not going to take baseless fear again. Now it turns to actual fear, which means, the fear present in your life and thinking about it is legitimate for you. Tip 2:

Discuss with your parents/partner

Many time our fear got diluted or demolished, when we discuss the issue of fear with our parents/partner, they encourage us to do well. Even whether it is a baseless fear or in case of the actual fear also, they suggest us on how to overcome it.

So try to make your parents/partner as your friend. This also help you to discuss lots of complex issue with him. Tip 3

Be authentic in front of others:

Many times while facing interview or even any person, we become fearful of something, which is actually present in your mind. This is one of the most common types of fear so, I suggest that be authentic in front of others. Let us discuss it deeply.

To understand it deeply let’s divide people under two categories A) Good people B) Bad people

Good people- Here you need to be fully authentic with this type of people and if that person is close to you then discuss the fearful issue with him/her. Bad people- If somehow you are fearful of that bad people try to discuss the issue with your parents because it is our parents who always lies into the good category for us. So no need to be authentic among those bad people. Try to make a clear distance, otherwise, if that type of people found that you got fearful of him, then he always try to make you feel fear.l If you are in such trouble try to come out of it.

so be authentic in front of good people. Don’t trick them. Tip 4:

Stop thinking that “what other thinks about you”

When I am studying in school, during that period in morning assembly, some days teacher give me the task of speaking thought for the day, pledge etc. I got fearful of completing my task in school assembly.The main reason behind it is I continuously thinking that if I can’t able to do my task in quality Manner, then what my teacher and other students think about me. This question makes me nervous but somehow I managed to do my task. But it is my heart which says that I am not fully confident about it. Now, this issue of nervousness is very less with me.So if you also facing the same problem in any aspect of your life. Try to think that

“No matter what other people think about me I have to do my task as best as possible” You can do lots of mistakes in the practice session but try to do not make mistakes in final performance. Only in this way you can able to raise your talent in life.

Don’t be addictive

Many time it is seen that people when faces fear or nervousness he start taking alcohol or nicotine. So that he can able to forgot those fear.I want to tell those people that it may happen that you forgot about your problem for some time, not permanently. To get a permanent solution you have to find out natural ways for your issues which is discussed by me in earlierAny question sure to comment and please share on at least one social media platform.

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